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What is digital strategy and why is it important?

The online market is constantly shifting. People have shorter attention spans. There are more options available. And technology transforms at a breakneck pace. These things are all working to make digital presence harder and harder.

Simply put, if you want to survive, you need to adapt. But there are various traps along the way too:

Really, it’s no wonder that so many businesses would rather neglect their marketing plan and choose quick, short-term digital strategies like: revamping or improving their website, making their website mobile responsive, optimising their conversion rate (CRO), getting more newsletter subscribers, writing blind blog posts, running new advertising campaigns and so on.

However, digital strategy and its more specific branches, such as digital marketing strategy, require more comprehensive approach and constant attention.

You continue growing your digital presence over time if you successfully manage the following principles:

  1. Your organisational goals and the digital literacy of the people inside it
  2. Knowing your products or services and their characteristics
  3. Profiling your competitors and measuring your performance
  4. Interaction between humans and machines in your process
  5. Your customers’ digital experience and their interactions
  6. Choosing the right platforms and channels for your business
  7. Prioritising projects and uncovering your problems in the digital era

Challenges in the Digital World

Free Digital Strategy Session

Your digital marketing strategy couldn’t be more important for your business success.

Most digital agencies and consultants focus their energy on tactics in order to get you quick wins because it looks better for them. Sure, these can be useful. But not when it includes ignoring the long-term strategy and results.

This will lead to:

Which is exactly why we’ve designed our services with a huge emphasis placed on digital strategy and digital marketing strategy. And it includes both short and long-term.

You’ll never need to sacrifice one for the other.

How we can help you structure your digital strategy

Our boutique digital strategy services are designed to help you thrive in this changing market. 

We do this by designing and implementing the right strategy to scale your business up on various platforms and channels in the long-term, without sacrificing the now.

It’s entirely customisable, affordable, and based on years of experience.

Remember, once you have a clear strategy, it will help you as a guide, not a master. So, whenever things get tricky or confusing, your strategy is the safety net that makes sure you’re still facing in the right direction.

At Oonor, we will help you:

  1. Define your visions, design a long-term digital strategy and create a clear plan to implement it effectively

  2. Use web analytics to conduct experiments, perform research, and resolve issues

  3. Manage and allocate your digital budget effectively

  4. Put your brand in front of customers when they need it, offer an awesome amount of value, and leave them wanting more

  5. Find, reach, and form deep connections with the target audience that’s right for your business

  6. Free up more time for the things that matter by optimising, integrating, and automating your digital marketing processes

What Now?

What should I do next?

3 easy steps

1. Book a Free Strategy Session

Use the calendar below to book a session with us and tell us a bit more about your business and your goals. We also advise having a think about the primary challenges you’re facing, prior to the meeting.

2. Virtual Meeting

We’ll use this meeting to go through the challenges your business is facing. We’ll look at how your business is currently performing, what kind of digital strategies would suit your goals, and how you can best proceed.

3. You’re Ready to Go

We guarantee that you’ll leave the meeting with a massive amount of value. You’ll have a clear idea of the kind of strategy your business needs to thrive, as well as how to implement that strategy effectively.

Free Digital Strategy Session

We’d Love to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Book A Free Virtual Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation Today

Would you like a free one-on-one meeting with strategy expert and Oonor‘s director, Arian Ataie? Choose a time slot that works for you below, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If none of the time slots work for you, no problem. Just reach out to our team through the chat widget, use the contact form above, or give us a call. We’re happy to work around you.

And remember – It’s a win-win. The session is entirely free with ZERO commitment. And you’re guaranteed to leave with a clear action plan for your digital marketing strategy.

However, please keep in mind that availability can be limited due to demand. On that note, we recommend booking as soon as possible.

More Information...

On our 30-min session

How do we connect?

About the meeting

We’ll meet virtually using Zoom, Google Meet, or a phone call. Please have the required app installed prior to the meeting.

It will run for approximately 30 minutes and you’ll leave with a clear digital strategy for your business in both the short and long-term. You’ll also learn how to grow your business in a real, measurable way.

Any specific requests?

We cover these and more

The sessions will be focused on your business and your challenges and as such, each one can be quite different. However, we always aim to cover:
Choosing Your Target Market in Australia
• Finding the most suitable customers for your business offering
• understanding your target market demographics and motivations
Offering Value No One Can Resist
• Perfectly aligning your product/ service to your target customer’s needs
• Ensuring that you’re always delivering more value than your competitors
Platforms, Channels & Budget Allocation
• reaching your target customers and delivering your value through marketing and advertising
• allocating, tracking, and controlling your budget to avoid issues

Want it confidential?

We’ll sign an NDA

If you believe the information you shared is sensitive, we’ll give you our written word to keep it confidential. We’ll send you a copy of our Non-Disclosure Agreement before the date of the meeting. When booking your session, choose to receive the NDA.

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Free Digital Strategy Session

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